Words of Wellness

Is it your Back or your Hip?

People often cannot differentiate between hip and back pain because the symptoms of one often mimic those of the other. For instance, “sciatica,” which often results from herniated disc compressing a portion of a spinal nerve, can cause pain that runs from the back through the hips and down one (or both) legs. Pain resulting […]

Preventive Maintenance

While chiropractors may specialize in the manipulation of joints and vertebrae in the back and neck, the benefits of chiropractic treatment extend far beyond. Chiropractic theory holds that back pain is often due to “subluxations” (vertebral misalignments) that can lead to compressed nerves, which produce pain in the back or other areas served by the […]

A Steady Progression

By understanding that each injury has its own pattern of development, detection, involvement, and resolution, chiropractors are often able to discern signs of an injury’s impending development. This ability can prove to be invaluable for patients who exercise and compete regularly. When the chiropractor looks at these predictable mechanisms, he or she may develop a […]

Nothing to LOL! About

Texting or browsing with your head bent forward over your cell phone results in a hunched posture that can lead to neck pain. With your head tilted forward and your shoulders drooped, extra stress is placed on the cervical spine. In a neutral position, the head weighs 10-12 pounds. Bending the head forward 15 degrees […]

Weight Loss, A Joint Effort

Chiropractic treatment may not immediately come in mind when those looking to lose weight search for an effective weight-loss program, but it should. Unlike weight-loss pills, diets, boot-camp regimens, and surgery, chiropractic treatment works on multiple levels. To begin with, chiropractors are expert at removing that block the transmission of nervous energy from the brain […]

Completing the Fitness Triangle

Fitness-conscious individuals understand that flexibility comprises the third leg of the fitness triangle, along with aerobics and strength training. Flexibility, defined as the range of motion about a joint, largely depends on age, genetics, physical activity, the joint structure, the elasticity of the connective tissues, and the degree of coordination between the body’s nervous and […]